We are two brothers who grew up in a little hockey town near Montreal. We both started playing hockey at a young age and fell in love with the sport immediately. As our love for hockey developed, so did the price of hockey equipment. Hockey sticks quickly went from 100$ to 300$ and more. Yeah, you read that right, hockey sticks haven’t always been so expensive… Our parents got tired of spending so much money on hockey equipment therefore we needed to find a way to get our hands on high-end hockey gear while respecting our tiny student budgets. That’s when we started digging into our hockey contacts and got in touch with our first ‘’partner’’.  At first, we were only buying for our personal usage but then we quickly saw some interest from friends and teammates. So that’s where our vision started to grow. As we were seeing more and more interest, we were also expending our contacts in the industry. Today after more than 5 years in the business, we have partnerships with many professional teams in the NHL, OHL, AHL, QMJHL and even in retail stores. We’re always striving to improve in order to get you the gear you want at a price you need.


Our Mission

At HockeyOnSale, our mission is simple: allowing every single player to get the gear they always wanted at the cheapest price possible. Everybody should be able to afford high end gear no matter what level they play in or no matter their financial situation. Money should not be a barrier for anybody to practice this amazing sport. We are working hard for you, always trying to find the best gear at the lowest price because we know that you’re also working hard so you deserve the best for every dollar spent. We’re here for you!