As you may or may not know, NHLers and other pro teams typically keep several dozen sticks in storage to use at their disposal. Furthermore, they often change their sticks to try a different flex, curve or model to find the perfect stick for them or just simply when new models come out. In result, all their sticks are replaced giving us the opportunity to get a hand on new, as good as new and slightly used hockey sticks. Each stick condition comes with a different price tag which gives each player the ability to get top of the line sticks while respecting their personal budget.

Note: HockeyOnSale does not sell refurbished hockey sticks


New Sticks

Those are as their name suggests, simply new!. Never been cut, never been taped just new hockey sticks that can't wait to hit the ice for the first time 


As Good As New Sticks

Those are mostly sticks that have been taped, cut but never really had the chance to hit the ice for more than a shot or two. Those are basically  the backup sticks (pros always have 2,3,4 and more backup sticks) that were prepared to go to war but never really got the chance since they were replaced by a different model. So those ''as good as new'' sticks are like new hockey sticks but way cheaper. They are the best way for you to get the hockey stick you want at clearance price (all year long). But don't wait too long since they're really popular and sell out quick!


Used Sticks

These are mostly game used sticks. Every stick is deeply inspected by our team to make sure it's still in good condition and assuring that the durability of the stick is not compromised in any way or we simply wont put them for sell. Each used stick will be given a gradeout of 10 to rate their condition based on the inspection done.  Used stick are the cheapest, if you are looking for high end hockey sticks at ridiculously low prices, used sticks are for you and as mentioned above, even if it is used, we are making sure that the durability of the sticks is note compromised so you can be sure that it will last long enough even at its low price. 

Used sticks are also a great way for collectors to get a hand on their favorite player game used sticks!